With Recent Price increases from Hasbro, Are you being more selective on what you collect?

I just got in the mail these 2 guys, Marvel legends lizard and Marvel legends war machine, the lizard came from Walmart in a padded envelope somehow the card came in good condition, on the other hand War machine came in a box, Thanks amazon!! I must said that both of these are a must haves, stock pictures do not do any justice to War machine, the head sculpt and colors are wonderful and the Lizard is as awesome as they come, like I said since Hasbro price increases I have been more picky on the figures I collect, for these 2 I order 2 lizards to leave one in card and one open to display, I might have to get another war machine and do the same, if we as collectors stand together and show Hasbro how we are not happy with those price increases we need to be more selective in what we buy, only that way they hopefully change their ways, so fellow collectors control that plastic addiction and show Hasbro who’s the boss, well or at least we should try, so I am curious on what are you doing about these issue? Are you changing you buying habits or nahh? let me know in the comments below

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Yes, but not just the price increases. Their “empty box” campaign is horrible too.

These figures are two prime examples as to why I collect (the ones shown in the article, which I also own). Beautiful cards, where we can clearly see the figures and all that comes with them. Paying $80 for 3 figures, which you cannot see is beyond insane, and the new normal from Hasbro. Or the definition of insanity. For all I know, they are Care Bears or Strawberry Shortcake in there, not X-Men or Spider-Man figures. As a MOC collector, this is the death kill for me. Same for the 6" SW Black Series. I find myself now going and buying up all the older figures on the retail sites I can I missed, while I can because I won’t buy going forward figures I cannot see. The added price increase is just an insult to our intelligence!


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